Eliminated with feces

Once the egg is ingested, it perches in the small intestine. Here a larva hatches and is born that during its initial stage will live in the duodenum. Little by little, it will grow until it reaches a centimeter in length Detoxant Review; At this time the worm is already mature and travels to the large intestine.

The worms mate and, after that, the male dies and is excreted with the feces without problem.
The female can then deposit her eggs. To do this, he travels to the anus margin and places them there Detoxant Review. The intention of the female is to travel the opposite way to return to the intestine.

However, it is possible that this does not happen and that again, the female is also eliminated with feces. In turn, the worms that can be reproduced are also attached to very close areas.

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